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Shave thousands off your new homes energy bill by going with a modern insulation solution! Depending on your application, spray foam can be used in your attic, walls, and even crawlspace and basement.


Spray foam is perfect for large commercial and industrial applications. Our many happy customers report excellent climate control, and a large offset of liability when holding sensitive product.


Being one of the first areas in which spray foam became popular, farms have virtually endless applications in which polyurethane foam can be a huge life saver. Barns, shops, & equipment housing to name a few.

Are you looking for an Insulation Contractor that you can trust to insulate whatever type of structure or project you are working on? We offer a type of insulation called spray polyurethane foam insulation (SPF). This kind of polyurethane insulation is installed by spraying it on directly to your unfinished walls, attic, ect. If you are unsure of what kind of insulation you want for your home or business, we highly recommend getting spray foam insulation. The benefits and advantages far outweigh the costs of having it installed. You not only get better soundproof walls but your electricity bill will go down due to how efficient spray foam insulation is! If you have allergy or mold problems, this is the insulation for you. Having your home or business in Houston insulated with SPF by professionally spray foam installers, will greatly reduce the pollen or allergens coming in from the outside! When the spray foam mix is applied, it expands and fills in every crack and crevice around ducts or wherever you apply it. It not only fills cracks but it adheres to irregular surfaces. This will greatly reduce the air loss in your building and in the hot and humid Texas climate, this means your building will be much more efficient and your power bill will be kept at a minimum in the hot season. Call today for a free estimate! Our customers satisfaction is GUARANTEED. Our vision and goal is to create more efficient and healthy places for people to work and live in and for your home and work experience to be as pleasant as possible.

Do you suffer from allergies? Getting spray foam insulation in your home or business will majorly cut down on the allergens and pollen getting indoors and keeps the good air in while it keep the bad air out. Houston is known to be very hot and humid during the summer months. All the moisture in the air can create mold inside the wall of your home if they are not sealed and insulated well. Having mold in your home, makes the air toxic and can make you sick if you live in this type of environment for too long. Due to the air barrier spray foam creates when applied, mold will not have a way to get inside, keeping your environment’s air clean and healthy.

Everyone knows how annoying a high power bill is. You can try all sorts of tricks to keep it low, but nothing works as well as having a good insulation on your walls. Spray foam insulation fills in every crack or place where air could get out in your walls and seals everything off. The loss of air can make your air conditioner or heater work too hard and drive your electricity bill up. With open cell spray foam this will not happen and your home or business will greatly benefit by having lower power bills.

Another great advantage of spray foam insulation is the sound barrier it creates in between walls! Once applied and cured, this insulation will not sag or settle but remain intact indefinitely.
Make sure your office or house is secure and soundproof by getting spray foam insulation today.
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    Texas Spray Foam Insulation

    Spray Foam is a chemical mixture that is sprayed on directly to walls or whatever type of surface you want insulated. It is made of two different chemicals called isocyanate and polyol resin. These two chemical when mixed together, react. When this mixture is sprayed directly on to a surface, it can expand up to thirty to sixty times its size! This helps to create a solid and airtight barrier and keep your Houston home or business insulated against the outside element. It is important you get a highly trained professional to apply your spray foam insulation! It applied or mixed wrong, having spray foam insulation could be a complete disaster. Call Houston Spray Foam Pros today for spray foam installers you can trust!

    There are different types of spray foam densities and structures. An open cell spray foam has a lower density where as a closed cell spray foam has a much higher density. Depending on your project, your spray foam insulation pro can help choose what suits your needs. 

    Open Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam has a lower value and is sponge like in appearance. Due to its expansion ability during the application process, cracks and crevices are filled and it adheres to any surface, smooth or irregular. This type of insulation is recommended for indoor use only. 

    Closed Cell Spray Foam has a higher density and each cell in the foam is completely closed. This type of insulation is more costly but it provides not only a air barrier but a vapor barrier as well. Open Cell Spray Foam would crumble if you squeezed it in your hand but closed cell spray foam is very hard to the touch. 


    Commercial & Residential Spray Foam

    Getting your home in Houston insulated will greatly increase the quality of your home. But getting your home insulated by SPF will not only increase the quality but will create an efficient and more healthy environment for you and your family. When spray foam is applied it forms what it called a thermal envelope. This mean your home’s temperature will be regulated and cause your air conditioner not to run so much. You walls will be more soundproof and the air quality and temperature control will be more than you dreamed of! Call today for a free estimate! 

    Having your commercial buildings and offices insulated is just as important as your home! Don’t get a generic insulation job for your business, but get the best! We offer different type of spray foam densities and we can offer advice in what is best for you and your business in Houston, Texas. Treat your employees and customers to a clean and efficient environment when they do business with you! 

    Attic Insulation Houston

    If you are looking to insulate your home or residence in Houston, Texas, there is many different places throughout your home that could use spray polyurethane foam. Your attic will greatly benefit from having spray foam applied. It keeps allergens out and stops air from escaping so your air conditioner will not work overtime. Having your attic insulated will keep the temperature regulated and consistent and will also benefit your roof especially in the winter in case of ice or snow.

    Injection Foam Insulation

    Getting your walls insulated is a no brainer. Not only for heating and cooling reasons, but for keeping out mold, pollen and allergens. Having your walls insulated in a thick layer of open cell foam will create a sound barrier for in between rooms!  

    Garage Insulation Houston

    Keeping your garage free from mold or other types of humidity problems is important to keep the things you store inside safe and damage free. SPF (spray polyurethane foam) will keep your structure insulated and not let air escape or humidity or mold get inside. It is also a way to prevent mice or other rodents from getting inside and damaging your valuables or creating a mess.

    Basement Spray Foam

    If you have a basement, having it insulated in spray foam would have excellent benefits for your Houston home or business. Getting your basement insulated will create a barrier against many thing that basements can have issues with, such as mold and dampness! It will also keep your basement is temperature regulated and the air quality at its best.

    Metal Building Spray Insulation Houston

    Depending on what type of business you own, you may use a shop for working in or storing equipment. Having your shop insulated with spray foam will greatly increase your shop’s efficiency. This causes the price to keep your shop running and maintained to drop, because of the air quality and even things like rodent control.

    Why Hire Houston Spray Foam Pro's?

    When you look to get spray foam installed in your commercial building or residence, it is important that you get a highly trained technician that mixes the components of the spray foam chemicals right. Making sure your installer is certified is very important. If not trained or experienced, you could run into some major problems. Mixing the chemical right is very important to the spray foam success. Getting the application applied professionally is just as important. If not applied thick enough or in the right manner, having your home spray foamed would be pointless and could cause more damage than its worth. Here at Houston Spray Foam Pros you will not need to worry about if your spray foam is being done right. We have only the best technicians install your building spray foam insulation and our customers satisfaction is strictly guaranteed. Call us today for a free estimate!

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